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Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cakes are available in various sizes ranging from 6" to 9" and are available round or square.  They are fruit cakes containing dried fruits, flaked almonds, cherries and mixed peel and a generous quantity of brandy.  The cakes are covered in marzipan and can be decorated using either sugarpaste or royal icing, depending on taste.   

6" round and square (£45.00 and £55.00)

7" round and square (£60.00 and £70.00)

8" round and square (£75.00 and £85.00)

9" round and square (£90.00 and £100.00)

If you would like to order a Christmas cake please order early (by mid October) to allow the brandy to truly flavour the cake.  These cakes are delicious.  I only make a limited number so do order early. All cakes are supplied boarded and boxed for your collection.

(Please note I do not decorate other people's Christmas cakes for them)

2018-12-13 10.36.00.jpg
2019-12-21 18.45.40.jpg
2019-12-22 12.32.29.jpg
2018-12-13 10.32.40.jpg
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