Birthday Cakes for Children

I make children's cakes to suit any theme or style from animal themes, favourite cuddly toy, favourite tv programme/character/film. Below are a few examples. Prices start from £65.00 but will increase depending on the size and flavour of the cake and also the decoration required.  Cakes requiring a lot of detailed modelling will be more expensive as these require considerably more time to make.  

Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Cody 2.jpg
Arthur 5.jpg
Elodie 1.jpg
Parker and Orla's cake.jpg
2019-12-27 15.27.36.jpg
Noras Cake.jpg
2019-04-24 09.15.48.jpg
Lotte 7.jpg
Nora 3.jpg
Matilda 1.jpg
Sebastian 1a.jpg
Raephs 4th.jpg
Erins 7 birthday cake.jpg
Arthurs Cake.jpg
2019-02-07 16.41.01.jpg
Jojo 2.jpg
Hugo 1.jpg
Nicole 9.jpg
Sophie 1.jpg
Cody 1.jpg
Izzy's 12th Cake.jpg
Nora 2 (2).jpg
Jack 7.jpg
Erins 10th  Cake.jpg
2020-01-09 11.27.51.jpg
Sebby 2.jpg