Birthday Cakes for Children

I can make children's cakes to suit any theme or style from animal themes, favourite cuddly toy, favourite tv programme/character/film. Below are a few examples. Prices start from £65.00 but will increase depending on the size and flavour of the cake and also the decoration required.  Cakes requiring a lot of detailed modelling will be more expensive as these require considerably more time to make.  

Arthur 5.jpg
Parker and Orla's cake.jpg
Stevie's cake.jpg
2019-12-27 15.27.36.jpg
2018-12-27 13.52.06.jpg
Sebastian 1a.jpg
Sophie 1.jpg
Raephs 4th.jpg
Erins 7 birthday cake.jpg
Arthurs Cake.jpg
Jacks 6 cake.jpg
2019-02-07 16.41.01.jpg
2019-04-24 09.15.48.jpg
Cody 1.jpg
Izzy's 12th Cake.jpg
Nora 2 (2).jpg
Jack 7.jpg
Erins 10th  Cake.jpg
Noras Cake.jpg
2020-01-09 11.27.51.jpg
2019-04-11 16.41.12.jpg